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Jerry Krienke wrote: "Carolyn and I bought our wall tent from Spring Valley Lodges in 1986 from Al Levins. It's still in great condition and because of the treatment; it has no mildew damage at all. And dealing with Brother Al was a pleasure. "Broken Pipe."

Sue Minor wrote: I got my first and only tipi from Joyce and Al and with the guidance and teachings of Mike Searl we took it to the National Pow Wow in 1999 and took first place!!!

**After purchasing his new 20x20 marquee top, Steven Caudill (AKA Daniel Boone) wrote: "Spring Valley Lodges are a class A Company beyond reproach! We endorse this company as one of the best in the industry of Historical Tentmakers."

**Devin Niday wrote: "After owning more than 20 other makes of tent, You would be hard pressed to find another company with as much integrity, qualtiy and remarkable attention to detail. Buy from Spring Valley Lodges!!!"

**Guy Cain wrote: "Jim has always been helpful and informative. Now that we have our new Spring Valley Lodges Marquee, I am wondering why we didn't upgrade sooner. Great craftsmanship and customer service!"