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Gun CaseBackpacksSleep SacksPole BagsLog CarrierRain PonchoFire Iron BagKitchen Utility BagTent Storage BagRound-Bottom Stake BagRectangular Double-Bottom Stake BagSmall Stake BagLacing Pin BagIronwood Lacing PinsIronwood Tent StakesCanvas Parfletch BagStove Hole Liner KitSteel StakesLodge PolesGrocery Tote BagHaversacksCustom Screened Bags

Canvas Items

All canvas items listed are made of the very same canvas we use in all of our tentage. There really isn’t any need to reduce the quality just because smaller items are not tents or shelters. In fact, they usually are used harder than the tents, and you want them to last as long as possible!

Gun Case

Made to fit any gun you might have. They are 72” long and have tie-downs to secure the case in a closed position.


Come in two sizes. The “Large Backpack” is 11” wide, 8” deep, and 22” long. The “Small Backpack” is 11” wide, 7-1/2” deep, and 15” long and has a front pocket. Both have adjustable straps for fitting to your own body frame. We suggest adding leather or any other suitable cover over the shoulder straps.


Snapsacks were the second most frequently mentioned type of conveyance found in military reimbersement petitions. Our's are a tubular bag with a heavy duty drawstring at the top and a wide strap made of canvas. The snapsack measures 32" tall by 11" wide when flat.

Ranger Pack

This pack is roughly 18" high by 17" wide and 6' thick. It has 2" adjustable heavy webbing shoulder straps with period solid brass double D buckles.

F&I Knapsack

This knapsack is 17" wide by 10" tall with an envelope pocket on the inside of the flap, a roomy main pouch and an adjustable shoulder strap.

Sleep Sacks

Come in two sizes, “Large” measures 6’ deep and 40” wide. “Small” measures 6’ deep and 30” wide. Both are 6’ long with a 2’ extension flap on top to fold over the bed when not in use. They both are 8” high with one side open 24” down from the top to allow easier access for your sleeping gear. The opening also has ties to close it after your sleeping gear is inside.

Pole Bags

Made for either 4’ or 6’ poles. These bags can hold from 14 to 16 poles that are 2”x2” square.

Log Carrier

These are 19” wide, 31” long, and have heavy cotton webbing sewn to the bottom side to add strength and extend beyond the ends of the carrier giving generous-sized handles.

Rain Poncho

Designed with an attached hood. Ties under the arms and long enough to come below knee level.

Fire Iron Bag

This bag is about 4-1/2” long and will accommodate fire iron uprights easily.

Kitchen Utility Bag

Is large enough to store two 8” dishes with two deep soup bowls in the center compartment. The smaller side pockets are ideal for storing knives, forks, spoons, as well as salt and pepper, and anything else you may need. The bag has a full cover that conceals its contents and can be painted to give it that extra nice appeal. The two long double ties on the top ends of the bag or the dowel pocket enable you to hang it in your tent with ease.

Tent Storage Bag

Comes in three sizes; Small, Medium, and Large. The Small Bag is 13” wide, has a 5” gusset, and is 32” deep. The Medium Bag is 17” wide, has an 8-1/2” gusset, and is 39” deep. The Large Bag is 23” wide, has a 12” gusset, and is 39” deep. Due to special requests, we also make these bags out of non-treated breathable canvas for those events that we roll up wet canvas. This allows the tent to start to dry before getting home to unroll it.

Round Bottom Stake Bag

This bag is 12” in diameter, has a double- canvas bottom, and is 22” deep. Excellent for wooden stakes.

Rectangular Double Bottom Stake Bag

This bag is 15” wide, 22” deep, and has a 12” high double-bottom. (Also used for many other purposes.)

Small Stake Bag

Made for those with smaller tents. The bag measures 7” wide and 16” high, has a double-bottom about half-way up from the bottom, and convenient carry handles. Will accommodate about 20 stakes.

Lacing Pin Bag

Made for those with smaller tents. The bag measures 7” wide and 16” high, has a double-bottom about half-way up from the bottom, and convenient carry handles. Will accommodate about 20 stakes.

Ironwood Lacing Pins

Made of ironwood, and about 16” long. They are approximately 1/4” in diameter with both ends rounded. The first 12” are peeled and the bark is left on for the last 4” making them very attractive. Call for availability.

Ironwood Tent Stakes

Made of ironwood, they are about 18” long and pointed at the bottom. The bark is left on, but the top of the stakes are rounded off giving a better looking appearance. Call for availability.

Canvas Parfletch Bag

Made to simulate a rawhide parfletch bag. It is 22” wide and 19-1/2” deep. It has three individual pockets, full outer cover, and two 18” double ties on each side at the top as well as a dowel pocket allowing you to easily hang this bag in your shelter.

Stove Hole Liner Kit

This heat-resistant pad is made of a fire-resistant material which has a very high annealing temperature. The fire- resistant pad is 14” square, bound with webbing. The kit contains an outer door with all ties needed for good tie off. Written instructions with diagrams make installation easy.

Steel Stakes

These stakes are made of 3/8” square steel stock. They are 14” or 16" long from the bottom of the curl, and pointed at the bottom. Painted black, they are bundled in sets of 20 stakes per bundle.

Lodge Poles

Spring Valley Lodges does not currently keep in stock Lodge Poles. Lodge Poles are readily available and we have reliable suppliers should you choose to source your own. Please call for price quote and information.

Grocery Tote Bag

These come with either long shoulder straps or short handles. They measure 15-1/2” wide, have a 4” gusset, and are 16-1/2” deep. They are double-layered at the top.


Come in several styles. They range from 13” wide and 12” deep to 13" wide by 16" deep, but have different flaps or straps attached to them. The youth haversack is 9" wide and 10" deep.

Custom Silk Screened Bags

We can make custom bags for special events or for your fund raiser. These bags are just like the tote bags described earlier in this catalog. They can be silk screened with your personal insignia or logo. We can silk screen in several colors. All we need from you is camera-ready artwork (also called P.M.T or line art) and what areas of the logo should be what colors. Please call for further information on quantities and prices.