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Pictured below is the Three Dog Stove Deluxe

We have used these stoves for several years and field-tested them for efficiency and durability before placing them in our catalog. They now have a reputation for being the best in the country. These stoves work well in all kinds of shelters both large and small.

Made of heavy-gauge hot-rolled steel, these stoves have an air-tight Fiberglass gasketed door, large firebox, and are baffled to reduce heat loss. They are excellent for cooking, and you can burn either wood or coal. The detachable side shelves and 12” leg extensions fit into the firebox while being transported.

These stoves come in three sizes:

Aluminum and stainless steel reflector ovens also available.

Options Telescoping Stove Pipe

Telescoping Stove Pipe - This pipe extends to a full 72” when in use but collapses to 20” when not in use.

Riser – A small extension pipe that can house the damper and allow the telescoping pipe to collapse to 20”.

Water Reservoir – Welded stainless steel construction with a capacity to hold 2-1/2 gallons of water. This attaches to Slot ozilla. the side of the stove. (Simply remove the shelf and attach the water tank.) Adjustable elbows and 5” dampers are also available.

Water Proofing

This concentrate water proofing is better than anything else we have found. When used on canvas, the water just beads up like the fabric was new. One bottle will cover approximately 10 to 12 square yards of fabric.

Ridge Pole Sleeve

Made specifically for Spring Valley Lodges, these sleeves fit 2”x4” lumber. Sleeve is 20-24” in length and is made of 14 gauge welded steel. It weighs only 4 pounds, and can withstand very high loads. These sleeves can be used inside your tent or dining fly with ease.

Custom Orders

Just because you haven’t found it in our catalog doesn’t mean that it isn’t or can’t be made. Just contact us with your ideas. We would be happy to accept the opportunity to meet your specific needs.