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Baker Lean-To Tents

A very versatile shelter for trader and family alike. This shelter is the same style as written about in the book, “Beyond The Paddle” by Garrett Conover. It has a very roomy interior, stands 7’ high in the front with a roof that slopes to 2’ high in the rear. The attached awning, which can be closed off at night, has an additional 12” valance that acts like sod cloth. Extra ties along the roof and end walls give you the ability to tie off poles either across or up-and-down the roof.

Privacy Curtain

An addition that is probably one of the most delightful options offered in any shelter is a Privacy Curtain. There are actually two curtains that are sewn into the side walls. Each curtain is 7’ high and 7’ deep. Fourteen feet of canvas covers the front of the tent when they are closed off. (That means there is a full 2’ of overlap on the curtains.) With this design, you can make a three-sided shelter that is 17’ deep and 10’ wide.

What you get with a Spring Valley Lodges Baker Lean-to:

  • Full sod cloth
  • All corners reinforced
  • All ties and loops sewn in at seams for strength
  • Step-by-step written instructions with number of poles, stakes, and ropes needed
  • Care sheet explaining how to care for the fabric