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Dining Flys

All Dining Flys are manufactured with full ridge reinforcements, all four corners are reinforced, and all edges are double-rolled for neat appearance and strength. Each corner has a heavy cotton webbing loop sewn into a reinforcement and loops are sewn on each seam for additional strength. Both ends of the ridge reinforcement have double ties enabling you to tie to your ridge pole. Wind loops are also attached to both ends of the ridge. We offer Dining Flys to match the roof line of your tent for a neat uniform fit. (These are called Matching Dining Flys.) The standard Dining Flys are manufactured to a dimensional size.


A 10’x10’ Standard Dining Fly would measure 10’ square while a Matching Dining Fly for a 10’ wide wall tent would measure larger from side-to-side and be 10’ deep front-to-back.

Here is what you get with a Spring Valley Lodges Dining Fly:

  • Full ridge reinforcement
  • All four sides double-rolled
  • Double 24” ties and wind loops at both ends of ridge
  • Four corner reinforcements with heavy cotton loops
  • Loops located at each seam for strengthCare sheet explaining how to care for the fabric