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Modified Wheelan Tents

A very nice shelter for those who like the very primitive look and still have extreme ease in setting up camp. This shelter offers good protection in bad weather and stands the test of time. The slanted sides give the 5’ or 6’ height a more roomy and comfortable interior. The attached awning can be tied off at night and has a valance on the end so it can be used as sod cloth when the front is closed. This structure can be set up with three poles to support the main tent and just two more to support the awning.

Here is what you get with a Spring Valley Lodges Wheelan:

  • Full sod cloth
  • All corners reinforced
  • All ties and loops sewn in at seams for strength
  • Step-by-step written instructions with number of poles, stakes, and ropes needed
  • Care sheet explaining how to care for the fabric