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Pyramid Tents

The Pyramid Tent, also called a “Miners Tent” or a “Hunters Tent” is extremely easy and fast to set up. There are actually several ways to set this tent up. You can use one pole in the center; you can cross two poles on the outside of the tent and tie them to the loops at the top; or if you are really lucky you may find a tree limb that is just the right height and in the right location. To give more living space inside your tent, Spring Valley Lodges manufactures these tents as close to a full pyramid as possible. The higher the peak, the more living space you have. (Why pay money for 10’x10’ of living space and find that you can only use a fraction of the space?) The peak of the Spring Valley Lodges Pyramid Tent has the same felled seams at the peak as in all our construction. That means even though the layers of canvas are extremely thick at that point, we still run two rows of stitches needed for strength. There is also an inner and outer reinforcement at the peak. Reinforcements, of course, are in all four corners at the base of the tent. There is a 4” high double thickness step over at the oval entry. The door is attached over the entry and has three pole pockets for stiffening.

Options Available

Options most often requested in our Pyramid Tents are a rear door, a ridge pole opening above the door and a stove hole liner. Some have asked if we would put a Wall Tent-style tent style door in the rear of the tent. (We can do that.)

Here is what you get with a Spring Valley Lodges Pyramid Tent:

  • Full sod cloth 
  • Full oval entryway reinforced 
  • Large reinforcement across the bottom of door 
  • Double 4” stepover at entryway 
  • Door has three pole pockets for stiffening 
  • Inner and outer reinforcements at the peak of tent 
  • Loops at peak of tent for exterior pole set up 
  • All corners reinforced 
  • Care sheet explaining how to care for the fabric