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Snow Trekker Tent

This special designed tent was developed specifically for winter camping with stove and door placement designed to keep entrance traffic and cooking activity well away from the sleeping area. Ten inch high double-wall construction is provided around the base of the tent to bank snow against it. The stove hole has a generous outside flap that, when rolled up, keeps the heavy snow away from the opening. A tipi-style door opening is heavily reinforced and has a generous overlap designed to be braced and weighted with sticks to function more like a hatch. Pull out tabs allow the expansion of the tent into a side-wall configuration for additional interior space. This tent comes in two sizes: The “Group Size” is 12’x12’ with an 7 1/2’ center. It weighs only about 40-pounds. (Fits five people comfortably.) The “Two Person” measures 8’x10’ with an 6 1/2’ center. This size weighs only about 30-pounds.