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Wedge Tents

Wedge Tents come in two styles, both straight-back or bell-backed. The straight-back Wedge can have doors at both ends if you wish. All Wedge tents are manufactured with full ridge reinforcement and all corners are reinforced. Just like our Wall tents, there are large triangular reinforcements at the top of front and rear walls and over the ridge reinforcement. There is full sod cloth at no extra cost. The entry has a generous overlap that ties both inside and outside for good tight closure. The doors are designed to tie open for ventilation. Double ties are added inside at front and back to allow secure tie-off of the inside support poles. There are also double ties outside to secure a support pole for a dining fly. Two wind loops are also added on both front and back of the tent on the ridge line.

Since our Wedge tents are made just like our Wall tents, please check the Wall tents section of this catalog for detailed construction methods.

Here is what you get with a Spring Valley Lodges Wedge Tent:

  • Full ridge reinforcement
  • Full sod cloth 
  • All corners reinforced 
  • Over-the-ridge reinforcement 
  • Large triangular reinforcement over the entryway 
  • Inside and outside double ties to secure uprights 
  • Generous overlap at doors 
  • Door tie-backs 
  • Wind loops at both front and rear of tent 
  • Step-by-step written instructions with number and length of poles and number of stakes 
  • Care sheet explaining how to care for the fabric

Bell Back Wedge Tents