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Wall Tents

All Wall tents have a total of 17 separate reinforcements. All side walls, end walls, and roof are manufactured separately then sewn together. This allows us to place ties and loops into the seams which make better construction. All ground loops are made of poly material which is very strong and will not rot like canvas or heavy cotton webbing. Sod cloth is added to each and every tent at no extra cost. The entry has a generous 8” overlap that ties both inside and outside for better tie off. Both sides of the entry can be tied back. Extra double ties are placed both inside and outside of each entry as well as inside the center rear of the tent. (These are tied around the upright poles of the tent or dining fly so the pole will not slip.) There are two wind loops conveniently located at the top of the ridge in front and back.

Here is what you get with a Spring Valley Lodges Wall Tent:

  • Full ridge reinforcement 
  • Full sod cloth 
  • All corners reinforced at top and bottom of walls 
  • Over-the-ridge reinforcement 
  • Large triangular reinforcement over entryway 
  • Inside and outside double-ties to secure uprights 
  • Generous overlaps at doors 
  • Door tie-backs 
  • Wind loops at both front and rear of tent 
  • Step-by-step written instructions with numbers and lengths of poles, number of stakes, and guy ropes 
  • Care sheet explaining how to care for the fabric